Creating ease, efficiency and consistent progress toward your vision for your projects and business

It is possible to have the business that you envision...creating income and impact, and still live a balanced life prioritizing your family!

I oversee the implementation your vision for your business and projects. Holding you and your team members accountable so you are able to move consistently forward in your business and still have a balanced life.

With my help you (the CEO) are freed up from being the bottleneck so you can focus on your zone of genius AND supporting your clients...because I am managing...operations, projects, and team members.

With my help you will be doing the right things at the right time and making consistent progress, growing toward your Vision.

You don't have to do this alone...I am here to be your strategic partner

Hi, I'm Leah - I am here to help you get the backend of your business running smoothly. Freeing you up to spend your time creating offers, content, supporting clients and increasing impact and income all while living a balanced life that supports your family.

I am here to brainstorm, plan and oversee implementation of systems and processes that provide excellent service and experiences for your clients and your team so you can continue to grow and scale your business in a sustainable and aligned way.

Together we work to create a personalized Strategic Growth Plan that is the jumping off point for decision making in your business. With a clear mission, vision/values and action plan for your business it is easier to see what needs to be done when to get there.

With my proactive planning, follow thru and organizational skills I manage what needs to happen when, following up with you and other team members as needed to stay on track. With absolutely no micro-managing from you to make sure things happen!

Ways to Work With Me

Project Management

projects flowing with ease

Keeping projects flowing with ease and efficiency while providing your clients the excellent service you envision. While also support an aligned team & business culture.

Systems & Processes

for more efficiency

Implementing foundational automation (systems and processes) to support an efficient and ideal experience for you, your customer, and your team members.

Intentional ~ Integrity ~ Accountability ~ Understanding ~ Growth

What Others Have to Say...
"I LOVED working with Leah! She helped me so much in getting my social media strategy project organized and implemented. She worked with other contractors which took the burden off of me and helped me stay on task with my zone of genius. She kept my projects (blog & podcast) moving along, kept me well-informed, and gave me confidence that the details were taken care of. I know I wouldn't be this far ahead without her."
Stacy Brookman
Resilience and Life Storytelling Expert at
"Leah Goodwin gets the job done. We created a new development program for Financial Advisors. Leah played a critical role in organizing and setting up the automation and processes needed to manage the program effectively and efficiently. Leah gives our team an organizational skill set that gives us the confidence to promote our program to the largest financial service companies in America."
Chris Barlow
Chris Barlow