I believe in working hard and doing my best!

Hello! I’m Leah, and I work with entrepreneur’s who need help managing their business’s so they don’t have to sacrifice client work and time with their families. I help them create an systematized business where things happen smoothly even while they are enjoying their family.


Do you wish you could make more progress Towards your business goals?

Wouldn’t it feel great to have someone in the trenches with you systemizing your business and staying on top of things so you can focus on your zone?

I am the person you need in your business!
With an operations manager there to systemize your business, work with your team and make sure the routine things happen, you can fully focus on what you do best and why you went into business in the first place. 


My experience in project management started with a fast-paced digital print company where I worked to support projects for one of the largest financial planning companies in the US. 

I managed many projects including campaign and website launches, website setup/revisions/testing, email campaigns, prospecting follow-up systems, design/print projects and more. 

These projects involved working with other departments and team members, extensive documentation, process analysis, troubleshooting and automation.

These experiences have translated very well into the work I currently do with my clients as an Operations Manager. No matter the industry of my clients I have been able to leverage my past experience to help them in their business. 

I also leverage my management experience as a mother, a volunteer and leader in my church and community. Especially during the time period when I completed my Bachelor’s in Applied Management while having 3 children and 1 on the way/baby underfoot. 

When I am not working or being a mom taxi you will find me planning our next vacation or camping trip, working on self-improvement or doing something creative (usually a DIY home improvement of some sort). 

Managing your business means I am there, in the trenches with you, using my skills to strategize and help your team implement ideas, in a systematized way, so you can focus your efforts on your clients. After all that is why you went into business, to serve your clients!

I understand wanting to enjoy your business and still enjoy your family.

I believe it is possible to do both!

Having me in the trenches with you to get your business so efficient that things happen like clockwork can make both possible for you.


what Others Have to Say...

"Working with Leah has been fantastic. She is efficient and provides high quality products and services. I have worked with Leah on a number of different projects. She helped me determine how best to complete all the projects in a timely manner. Her attention to detail and dedication to doing a job well is unprecedented. Her effort in creating well researched social media graphics for me shows me that she is always thinking of her client first. Leah also helped me learn more about using Trello as an organizational tool and how I can use it when working with my own clients. I would highly recommend Leah at Details Managed."
Amy Scott MacLean
Wellness Wise
"Leah worked hard to help my dream website become a reality. She is a hard worker and tries her best to make everything the way you want it to be. Regardless of the task Leah will do everything she can to make it exactly how you want it.”
Michelle Tripple
Confessions of Parenting

Let me help you manage your business so you can get back to enjoying your business and your family.