watching your business grow because getting & following up with leads and recycling content is on autopilot.

…no longer having to remember how you completed a business task last time because you have documented processes being followed.

no longer having to be involved in the minutia of projects because someone else understands the scope, is the the keeper of “the list” and works with your team members

not having to learn a new software program that you need for your business. because your project manager catches on quickly catch and knows how to find what is needed.

Just think…if all of these things were taken care of in your business how much more you could grow your business!

just some of the ways a Online Business Manager Helps You...

  • Work together to establish project strategy and goals
  • Initiating project plans (including timeline, process, people and resources need)
  • Communicate project details and status to all team members
  • Follow up to make sure tasks are completed on-time
  • Handle/solve challenges for projects as they arise
  • Example projects: Updating a website, content creation and distribution, course set up, course launch etc.
  • Building team culture and keeping watch over day to day team activities, tasks and communications
  • Communicate project needs and managing project tasks with team members
  • Ensuring team members are trained on role, responsibilities and expectations in working on the team
  • Finding new team members, onboarding and offboarding as needed
  • Resolve team challenges as they may arise
  • Making sure there are systems in place for billing, client relationships, workflow, communications, onboarding, offboarding, marketing
  • Documenting, streamlining, extracting and optimizing business systems to create efficient workflow.
  • Creation and maintenance of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Build out a course from beginning to end.
  • Oversee all processes and functions leading up to a product or service launch (promotions, onboarding workflow, launch deliverables, creative elements) 
  • Ongoing management of course deliverables (weekly trainings, content & recording creation, email funnel)
  • Setup a reporting system, determine what to track
  • Keep track of key statistics for the business to determine progress or areas for improvement to support the company’s goals and inititives.
  • Help prioritize owners time, by managing things the owner doesn’t need to be heavily involved in.
  • Proactively take stuff off business owner’s plate
  • Act as go between to reduce business owner interruptions, allowing owner to focus on their expertise.

what Others Have to Say...

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 Star recommendation for Leah from Details Managed as a #OBM!! I hired Leah to help me organize and launch my last workshop for my coaching business and she was absolutely phenomenal! Leah organized and planned the workshop on #clickup which made it easy to track and take action on. She was instrumental in making my workshop a huge success!!💥 If you have a project, workshop, challenge, or any work that is consuming your time and stopping you from staying in your zone of genius, don't hesitate to contact and hire Leah & Details Managed!
Hala Chibani
Business Coach


organizational Audit


*if you have a larger project you may want to have me focus on just that one project to create a more in depth plan.



*starting online business management package, will be adjusted to your business needs

Let me put my experience and passion for managing the backend of your business to work in your business today!